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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Laundry to Lanscape Greywater Project Update

Last spring my wonderful husband installed a laundry to landscape Grey Water system in our backyard. It feeds three fruit trees (a peach, some raspberries, and a fig) at the front end, and waters the vegetable garden at the back end. So far I have been thrilled with its performance!

Here is part one, and here is part two.

Some changes we have made: Shortened the lines and added a plug.

We shortened the lines by lopping off the last two pots on each line. The directions said it could support up to 30 pots, but of course I tried to make it longer. The last bit never got enough water. That part of the bed also got too much shade, so I am converting it to a wild flower patch.

Garry modified the end so that it now has a clean-out plug. This was necessary for the second up date for the system. Note! Brand new bath towels produce a ton of lint! Our system did clog up due to a batch of new bath towels that produced copious lint. We were washing them over and over to try to get all the lint out, and we managed to clog up the system - the middle of the garden was getting soupy. Garry hooked in the garden hose to the hose service connection and blasted the clog right out. (I am so glad he included that!)

Here is a picture I took March 1st. The arugula had been blooming for a while, the cabbages I planted in the fall. Basically everything I planted in the fall was still living at this time. I even harvested some broccoli in February! I attribute this to a pretty mild winter combined with the extra water the garden got all during the cold season. We wont say anything about the aphids who survived the winter...

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