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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Presbytery 2009 Trip to Tennessee

We just got back from Tennessee last night and I am taking a break from Laundry and unpacking to say that we had a great time! We got to know so many wonderful people, had a great time hanging out at the camp, attended a fun barn dance, ate great food, and got to worship and fellowship together.

Tennessee was very beautiful, but it is also nice to be home in "Big Sky" country. I was a little worried about my garden, but when we got home we found that there had been 3 inches of rain while we were gone! The garden does need to be weeded though. My daylilies are all starting to bloom and look lovely. Everything has noticeably grown in one week!

Has this ever happened to you? You get home after being away for a while and the first thing you notice when you walk in your home is how cluttered everything looks? Yikes! I have work to do!

I didn't take very many pictures because I was so busy having fun! but here are a few.

These are the girls Claire hung out with. Can someone identify them? She never asks anyone their names.

The younger group hung out in the lobby of the Fellowship hall.

The older group hung out in the gym.

Heritage Church members - Our wonderful hosts.

Anna and Amy P. What a sweet girl!

Claire on the Lawn in front of the Fellowship Hall at Camp Meribah with new good friend.


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  2. Thanks Camille for your comment answering my questions about the little girls names! First I posted it, then I decided to take it off since I dont have their parents permission to have their daughters names up here : )

    We so enjoyed getting to know everyone at presbytery! I cant promise to remember everyones name, but for some reason I can remember states and last names better than first names.

    I took a look at your photography blog and it was very nice. Claire is interested in photography and I have been wanting to get her a book about it for children. Do you know of any books?

    The southern recipe blog looks scrumptious! I wish I wasn't gluten free. And sugar free ; (

  3. Hi again!
    I'm glad you enjoyed my photography blog....I have A LOT of fun doing it! The only children's photography books I've ever gotten have been at the Library. I'm sure if you looked at book stores there would probably be some, but I have never gotten them anywhere but the library. It's a very good place to start! I'm so glad that Claire likes photography. It's a lot of fun, and it gets better as you keep going!

    And yes, I completely agree about not posting the girls' names!


  4. Hello Mrs. M!! :-)
    It was so nice to meet you all in TN! :-)
    Aw! :-) That's sweet of you! You all were sweet too! :-)

    I can identify three of the girls in that picture! :-) The three facing the camera are Laura, Becky, and Sara H. :-)

    Have a great day!
    Amy :O)

  5. Thanks Amy! I'm so glad the girls got to meet you and all the other great GPC people!

    Have a wonderful day too!

    Mrs. Mayes